Membership FAQ

Welcome to RCC! This document was prepared in effort to answer some of the questions you may have about your new Membership at Rockford Country Club. We have made every effort to include the most commonly asked questions. However, should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Office at 815-968-9881. The office staff will be able to direct you to the appropriate person to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Q. How do I access the club’s website?
A. When you first join, you should get an email to set up your account and password. If you do not get that, or if you need assistance, please contact the Membership and Communication Manager.

CLUBHOUSE POLICIES (please refer to RCC bylaws for more detailed information)

Q. Who has the privilege of utilizing the club under my membership?
A. The main Member along with their spouse and each child under the age 25 and living at home shall have the use of club facilities according to their Membership classification. Guests must be accompanied by a current member.
Q. What is the dress code?
A. “Dress denim” will be allowed anywhere on the Club premises except in the Bay Area of the Main Dining Room and on the Golf Course. Following are a few guidelines for each clothing category and what are considered unacceptable styles and conditions. Denim Slacks and Shorts: Cut-offs, tears or patches, spot fading, rolled up or frayed cuffs, over-sized baggy denim or slacks, and sweat pants. Speedos are not allowed anywhere. Jogging Shorts and Bicycle Shorts are only allowed in the Grill Room only. Shirts and tops: Tee or collarless shirts, tank or tube tops, and sweat shirts are allowed in the Grill Room Only. Golf Pro approved “mock tee” long and short sleeve shirts are allowed everywhere. Shoes and spikes: Shoes must be worn everywhere on Club property except the pool deck and locker rooms. Metal spikes are not allowed anywhere on Club property. Dress tennis shoes are allowed everywhere. With the exception of Saturday evenings, dress throughout is considered “casual.” During the summer months, minimum casual dress is equal to or better than golf and tennis attire including golf shorts. Also during the summer months, entering the Clubhouse while in swimwear attire is prohibited. A cover-up is required.
Q. Do I need a reservation to dine in one of the Club’s Dining Rooms?
A. Dinner reservations are always required. Please make sure you call in your reservation or make one online with your Member Account prior to dining in the Bar, Grill Room, or any other special club function. Reservations are not required in the River Room during the luncheon period. Lunch reservations are appreciated, but not required.
Q. How much advance notice is required when making a reservation?
A. A minimum of two hours advance notice is suggested when making a reservation for groups of eight (8) or less. Please try to allow 24-hour notice for groups of nine (9) or more.
Q. Where are cell phones allowed in the club?
A. Cell phones with ringers are prohibited on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Phone and pagers with a “vibrate or silent” mode are okay. Please excuse yourself from dining and bar areas when using a cell phone. Also, if you must make or receive a call while on the golf course, please do so away from the tee and green areas, and as discreetly and quietly as possible.
Q. What is the club’s policy on smoking?
A. Smoking is prohibited on the pool deck and inside all buildings located on the Rockford Country Club Property. All smokers must be a minimum of 15 feet from all entrances.
Q. How do I book an event at the Club?
A. Event planning can be coordinated through Lorie Moran, Food and Beverage Director, by calling 815.968.9881 ext. 211 or emailing [email protected].
Q. What is the Club’s carryout policy?
A. In our effort to deliver the finest food & service possible, carry-out food orders are available during normal dining hours.
Q. Can specialty food items be ordered through the Club?
A. Specialty food items can be ordered through the Club. Items are priced retail and typically do apply to the minimum.


Q. What is the Club Policy on tipping?
A. A ‘Clubhouse Service Charge’ of 18% will appear on each Member’s Charge for food and beverages purchased. This charge replaces the former “Clubhouse Charge” that was computed and billed each month. The Clubhouse Service Charge will be automatically added to each chit; however, specific gratuity to an individual server(s) may be added at the discretion of each individual member. As for bag staff and locker room attendants, usually $3-5 per use is a guide, but completely at member discretion.
Q. How about Holiday tipping?
A. For the several years the members of the Club have been making voluntary donations to the Employees Holiday Gift Fund. All money received is distributed to the employees. The amount of each employee’s gift is based on their years of service -- thus loyalty and longevity is recognized.

(All sports related events and more detailed information may be found in the current year Sports Manual)

Q.  How do I arrange a tee time?
A.  Online tee reservations can be made in the member website.  Or call the Pro Shop at 815-962-0948.
Q. How can I easily transport my clubs to my vacation or winter location?
A. With our Ship Sticks program, you may contact the Pro Shop at 815-962-0948 which will be able to make arrangements for you along with information of shipping charges.
Q. How do I obtain a locker in the Club?
A. Men should contact the Men’s Locker Room attendant on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays from 9am-2pm to obtain their locker assignment and key to their locker. If no contact is made, a locker will automatically be assigned to you. Women desiring a locker should contact the Club Office 815.968.9881 to assist them in their locker assignment.
Q. How do I arrange for golf bag storage?
A. Bag storage service can be arranged by contacting the Pro Shop at 815-962-0948.
Q. How do I sign up for sports lessons?
A. Members wishing to sign up for lessons should contact the Main Office or Pro Shop. Golf lessons can be arranged through the Pro Shop at 815-962-0948. Tennis lessons can be arranged by calling our Tennis Pro. Swimming Lessons can be arranged by calling our Pool Manager or by calling the Pool Office at 815-968-3055.
Q. When can I golf as a Social Member?
A. Social Members can golf 3 times per year. Tee times are at no charge to the member and play is allowed without a full member present. 
Q. As a Social Member, can I bring a guest to golf with me?
A. A Social Member may bring a guest to play, but the appropriate guest fees will apply and the guest play will be deducted from the Social Member’s total 3 allowances. 

Q. Can Social Members use the Driving Range?
A. Social Members can utilize the Practice Facilities if they so choose at the cost of $100.00 per season.  
Q. What is the policy for guests at the pool?
A. Guests are allowed (15 times per season) at the pool as long as they are accompanied by a current Member. Guest fees are as follows: Local guests - $8.00 per person per day;
Out-of-town guests - $8.00 per person per day; Season passes available for $200.00;
Babysitters - $50.00 for the season per babysitter.


Q. What are the main events at RCC?
A. Rockford Country Club holds many social and golfing events throughout the year such as brunches or buffets for all major holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Also, annual golf events such as the Men’s Member Member, Diva Day, Ladies 9- and 18-hole Guest Days, as well as the ever popular Nelson Cup (Member/Guest). 
Q. What is the cancellation policy for club events?
A.  All social and golfing events require 48-hour cancellation notice. If a cancellation is made outside of the cancellation requirements, the member is subject to the full cost of the event.
Q. Do I need to make a reservation for Club Events?
A. All events, especially holiday brunches, require a reservation prior to the event, unless otherwise specified.


Q. When should I expect to see my first statement?
A. Upon joining Rockford Country Club, initiation fees (when applicable) are applied to your Member account. Billing Statements go out the first week of every month for the prior month’s accumulation of dues, fees, dining, etc.
Q. When are statements due?  What if I’m late in payment?
A. Statements are due 30 days after receipt. If a balance is not paid in full after 60 days, a 10% late charge of the amount owed is applied to your statement until that balance is paid.
Q. Am I required to participate in club donations?
A. Donations are billed automatically unless specified by the Member that they choose to opt out. If a donation is billed to your account and you choose to opt out, call the club office for a credit issued to your account on the next statement.